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Not just a matter of taste!

Preparing a three-star cell culture medium

Exceptional media performance requires the finest ingredients. Only the purest amino acids and super-stable dipeptides can transform a medium into cell culture superfood. Get to know our cQrex® cell culture ingredients and find out why they are a cell food connoisseur’s top choice. For a first taste, join our Master Class webinars, get our cell culture white paper or order your sample kit. Let's stir up something together!

The Cell Food Connoisseurs’ Cookbook

Fields of application, notes on solubility, recommended concentrations & storage tips: Feed your curiosity with our comprehensive guide on preparing the perfect cell culture media with cQrex® ingredients.

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Our highly soluble, stable dipeptides help you overcome limitations in the formulation of cell culture media and improve performance. They open doors to nutrient compositions at concentrations that were previously out of reach.

Dr. Martin Schilling
Business Director Cell Culture Ingredients

About cQrex®

cQrex® is Evonik’s market-leading brand of cGMP-grade cell culture ingredients. We ensure your cell culture media’s quality and performance by supplying highly purified amino acids, chemically defined peptides, customized media ingredients and application services. Together, our solutions solve solubility and stability problems in cell culture media.

Benefits of cQrex®

With cQrex® products, your cell culture medium and bioprocesses will benefit from ingredients offering:

About Evonik

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cQrex® cell culture dipeptides provide the flexibility to tailor your medium composition to the needs of your cell line and can be reliably supplied at the highest quality.

Dr. Christian Kessler
Director Amino Acids & Peptides

The Cell Food Connoisseurs’ Sampling Menu

Indulge yourself in grade A media performance. Order our sample kit of cQrex® dipeptides and discover how they can take your formulations to the next level.