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Master Class: Cystine Dipeptides

Get well-seasoned insights on how to beat solubility and performance challenges in cell culture media inside this expert webinar

Master Class: Cystine Dipeptides

Get well-seasoned insights on how to beat solubility and performance challenges in cell culture media inside this expert webinar

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How to solve solubility challenges

Welcome to molecular cuisine! In this Master Class, our cell food connoisseurs Dr. Martin Schilling & Dr. Anne Benedikt will be serving up in-depth knowledge on cystine dipeptides, a top-quality cystine supplement for concentrated feeds. We’ll explain some of the many benefits of adding cystine dipeptides to cell culture media: Significantly increased solubility, improved metabolism, boosted performance and optimized processes. And together, we’ll explore tips for mixing this cell culture superfood into your own cell culture media recipe. Enjoy!

Overcoming solubility limitations is key to enhancing the quality and performance of your cell culture media. Let’s take a look at how the right ingredients can increase the solubility of L-cystine by more than 20 times!

Dr. Anne Benedikt
Head of Cell Culture Applications & Biological Testing, Evonik Health Care

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In addition to improving solubility, cystine dipeptides can act as a stabilizer in basal media to prevent precipitation of free L-cystine under oxidizing conditions. We’ll explore all of this – and more – together!

Dr. Martin Schilling
Business Director Cell Culture Ingredients